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Technical Information

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Architectural Glass Tiles are suitable for interior and exterior installation including wet locations (see project specifications below). These glass tiles can be used in residential and commercial applications. With regard to surface hardness, glass is generally harder than marble but softer than granite. These glass tiles can be substituted for ceramic and natural stone products in most applications. Architectural Glass Tiles can withstand normal fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and may be used in heated areas including pools, saunas and steam rooms. In addition, glass tiles are nonporous making them resistant to chemicals and atmospheric contaminants in exterior applications.

ANSI Compliance
With respect to ANSI standard A137.1-1988, glass tiles satisfy the requirements of ANSI Section 6.1 (glazed wall tile). The only exceptions to 6.1 are Subsection (Architectural Glass Tiles do not have "spacers" or "lugs"), and Subsection (Architectural Glass Tiles have not been tested for thermal shock failure, but there have been no incidences of problems in this area.)

Architectural Glass, Inc. is not responsible for improper installation materials or practices.